Happy to announce SUPER M Mentoring Conference in Warsaw, Poland 20th Nov. With Special Guest prof. David Clutterbuck www.konferencjaemcc.pl

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Thank you very much to all who shared their best practice, vision and experience in Italy during the Italian mentoring week. Special thanks to Silvia Pulino (John Cabot University) and Alfredo Gentili! Get ready for next year...

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From October 23rd till October 27th, we held the Italian mentoring week, encouraging mentors, mentees and organisations to share their experience with mentoring and the creation of mentoring programmes. We received a lot of testimonials and shared as many as possible on our social medias. The mentoring week has been a large success in Italy, showing an appreciable interest in this field. The initiative will be replicated in the future.

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Read about how EMCC Turkey celebrated the 2017 International Mentoring Day https://tinyurl.com/TK2017IMD

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Thank you Isabelle for your interest in and support of John Cabot University's 'Mentors for Growth' program: http://www.johncabot.edu/entrepreneurship-institute/mentors-for-growth.aspx On behalf of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, I was honored to be included in your interview series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaUfxbnzgVg

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I really thank Isabella Alpi and the EMCC for this amazing initiative that allowed me to be more and more aware about Coching and to be part of the #MentoringWeekIT! The Mentor/Coach can be our best friend every time we want (or we need) to become a new person and/or we wish to build a new and more interesting life! Thanks for involving me! Best Regards, alfredo :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ean-y0Yq-r4&index=1&list=PLgs9b_0QeoNjCFiLd-bBpV2UVUUq6g5Us

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